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IRS Advierte de Estafa Telefónica Propagada

Alert of New Email Phishing Scam: “Update your IRS e-file”

The IRS has been alerted to a new email phishing scam. The emails appear to be from the IRS and include a link to a bogus web site intended to mirror the official IRS web site. These emails contain the direction “you are to update your IRS e-file immediately.”  The emails mention and IRSgov, though notably, not (IRS-dot-gov). Don’t get scammed. These emails are not coming from the IRS.

Taxpayers who get these messages should not respond to the email or click on the links. Instead, they should forward the scam emails to the IRS at For more information, visit the IRS’s Report Phishing web page.

The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email, texting or any social media.

Go to for more information on tax scams and consumer alerts.

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IRS Warns of Telephone Scam
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IRS Warns of Telephone Scam

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IRS Identity Theft FAQ: First Steps for Victims.

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